About Us

We are a loving, caring and warm church where all people are accepted, supported and respected.

GNCF is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community and ultimately the world.

GNCF is committed to changing the lives of people of the world to reflect the kingdom of God.

GNCF is committed to transforming lives by the Spirit and power of God through loving God and loving people.

We believe the church should reflect the community, therefore we embrace being a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic fellowship of believers.

GNCF is committed to making disciples of all people by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord, teaching the word with authority for daily application and connecting people in Christian fellowship.

We believe in and adhere to these foundational tenets, Faith, Family, Fellowship, and the Favor of God.

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4711 Meadows Road. Powder Springs, Georgia 30127 Phone: 770-943-9964
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